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IR 93 Ink Roller (Pack of 2)

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Ink Roll IR-93 Purple for Sharp ER-A250/310, Casio CE2300, TEC MA315, Epson CR510/7xx Mech

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Compatible with:Casio CE2300 Casio CE2350 Casio CE2400 Casio CE7215 Epson CR510 Epson CR700 Epson CR750 Epson CR760 Nikko NK300 Olympia CM1712 Olympia CM1736 Omron IR93 Omron RS2410 Sharp ER6500 Sharp ERA250 Sharp ERA310 TEC MA305 TEC MA315 TEC MA305A Towa Geo F1-200 Towa NT2108 Towa NT2324