Being a restaurant owner ourselves, we know how stressfull it is to find reliable POS consumables supplier, these people will reap you off on the pricing for just a box of rolls.

When you find a supplier that sell at a reasonable or consider cheap pricing, you will than face a problem with the quality of paper that they are supplying.

If it’s a thermal paper, usually the problem is that the printed image is not clear due to uneven thermal coating. And if it’s bond paper they leave lots of lint on the printer, causing printer breakdown.

Other supplier use big core for less paper, so they can “charge you cheaper”.

These are just some of the problem that exists in the market.
Knowing that this same situation is befalling other restaurants and business owners, we see the opportunity to help others by supporting business owner with the most High Quality papers and ink ribbons at the cheapest price Australia wide.

Many other online store claim to have “Cheapest Price Guarantee”, but in fact their price are 35% more than what our online store have to offer you.
Having also past experience in the paper industry we manage to carefully source our supplier, and we make sure that their manufacturing plant are ISO 9001 certified and accredited. (About us)

How we manage to offer such a very low price for a quality product, is simple we buy our paper and ink ribbons from a manufacturer directly by a full container load, compare to our competitor that get their stock from local wholesaler.

In order for us to continue supporting you, we need your support too. Support us by buying and recommending our products to people you know.

As our company grow bigger and our demands are more, we are able to further discussed new pricing terms, once we secure that with our supplier, we will pass the saving back to you again, a simple ad honest business principal that we assured to all our customers.

There are people who will be asking why we are doing this. It’s simple, having to be a consumer ourselves, we always want the best honest deals that we can find to maximise our profit margin for our restaurant. Knowing we can’t get that we decide to be the one to offer that.
We believe by doing this we are helping business owners like us to grow .We believe they deserve to have a fair go in this world of business.

As we are a family oriented business we do business the old fashion way but of course with the help of the latest technology. (About us)

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